Debbie Kruck Semi-Nude Pictures

Debbie Kruck went from a heavy weight untrained babe to a ripped, hard elite of fitness and bodybuilding. She’s been known to show up at parties with dresses that would give Lady G. a run for her money. She has been part of the fitness community for such a long time and a lot of other competitors have taken part in the NPC Debbie Kruck Classic.

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Hard Body Fitness Model Dena Anne Weiner

You’re about to see the gallery of muscle girl Dena Anne Weiner. Read her bio first: “My dream of enjoying a healthy, active and vibrant lifestyle has come true for me and my family as well as all my clients and I am very excited to assist you in creating the perfect lifestyle you’ve always desired. As a lifelong, avid athlete I’ve participated in numerous sports activities and during the last 14 years I have competed and performed in over 79 fitness and figure shows. In 2007 alone, I competed in 14 fitness shows worldwide.”

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