Brandi Mae workout video

When it comes to muscle girls there is one babe with the most amazing butt of all. Her name is Brandi Mae and if you’re browsing this site for a while, you’re familiar with her. To be honest with you – not only her ass is amazing, her entire body is ! Her pierced boobs, pretty face and nice legs and arms. Check out her dead lifting video. It seems she took a break from live sex, she was last seen online on September 7 according to her profile , but it’s worth to sign up there (it’s free) and wait until she appears again. Subscribe to her webcam profile for free

Tribute to muscle pornstar Brandi Mae !

The star of today’s “a tribute to…” is Brandi Mae, the owner of the best ass in the female bodybuilding biz….thick and juicy. Few words about her: she trains 6-7 days/week on season and 5 days/week off season. Besides being a pro bodubuilder she’s a personal trainer, trains Muay Thai, and does live webcam shows She also loves YOGA, Thai Chi, eating, watching TV…she also wants to be a professional Kick boxer. She’s also a pornstar. These images were sponsored by: SheMuscleGym

Now enjoy the heavily edited video.
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Muscular Brandi Mae takes a Bath

I bet most of you will say a loud “WOW” when seeing these pics of the fbb Brandi Mae. The muscular lady trains 6-7 days a week on season and she continues 5 days a week even in off season…read more about her. Now that you’re fully educated it’s time to see her nude pics, right? To be honest with you I haven’t seen such beautiful, juicy, round ass on a bodybuilder chick. See more explicit pics of her here.