FTVGirls Kara flexing and pissing

I’m very happy to see that my favourite site features a fitness girl once again! Before there were few updates with really buff chicks and today once again. Her name is Kara, she is young, fit and naughty! This short video I uploaded is not for everyone, but then again it’s something different. She starts with eating salmon at some local cafe – that’s when the bicep flexing action is taking place. Later she goes to the street where she is shamelessly pissing in public. After that she goes back home for a very long masturbation session.

Granny muscle

Alright, so it’s been few years since we started this site. During this time we tried to provide a variety of content related to female muscle. However, I don’t recall doing a grandma update so…here it is! This horny granny’s been in the webcam game for quite a long time now. To be honest I’m not a big fan of such mature women but I gotta agree she’s in top shape considering her age. Enjoy the show, I know the quality is not the best.

Muscular couple fucking on cam

Hey hey hey, we are officially past the busty holiday/new year period, I hope it was a good time for all of you. To celebrate the new year let me present you a cool little clip of an ebony couple fucking like crazy on webcam. They’re not an ordinary couple though, they are buff…of course! The video most likely comes from chaturbate

Unlike the previous post these people are not of Asian ethnicity, they are black, and as we all know black persons tend to be more muscular than white or Asians. I’m really jealous of their genetics, lol. It seems they can just go to the gym do a few reps here and there and the physique is already there.

I don’t recall myself posting couple or hardcore videos here before so if you wish to see more of such, let me know in the comments below and your wish shall be granted.

Asian Muscle Porn

Hello everyone, the year is soon gonna end so I’d like to ask all of you what are your plans for new year’s eve? Sarcasm ends here. Since most of you won’t go anywhere because of the current pandemic situation why don’t you visit good old muscle girls porn because I plan to update it then. Today, however, I’m also doing a quick update, and this time I’ve got something I’ve never posted before. Japanese muscle porn! So the video is a cut from a full length one. The entire video was like an hour-long and I don’t have the server capabilities to cope with such big files, sorry. You have to believe me the rest was…well, a bit weird. You’ll see a lot of flexing and stuff, let me know if you wish to see more asian muscle porn or not.

jav muscle flexing

Muscle milf workout

We’ve been updating this site for a few years now, during this time we’ve done posts featuring women of all ages. If you ask me which age group is my favorite, I’d say MILFS! Without a doubt. Of course – milf can be 30 something, like this one but can also be 50 something like this one. Today’s girl belongs to the second group as she is well over fifty. That does not stop her from being in shape and working out harder than many younger chicks do. The video was taken from her OF page and it shows her doing a naked workout session. The usual stuff – bicep curls etc. It’s amazing to see that your body can still stay strong when you exercise regularly, not sit and watch TV. Let this clip be the greatest motivation for all of us.

mature female bodybuilder

Mature Muscle Flex

Ok, gang, this time let’s try something different! I did post before featuring younger girls and also milfs like this one but I believe I never really posted anything mature-oriented. I thought it’s time to change it and embedded here two neat clips with a drop-dead gorgeous mature female bodybuilder. She is wearing fishnet and nothing else so you can see her pussy and everything. The lady comes from the UK if i remember right, she is kinda busty, but not anything like the big tits webcam chicks you see on other sites.

Let me know in the comments below if you wish to see more videos like this in the future or you better like the classic webcam stuff I usually post? I’m gonna try to update this blog more often, but tbh it rarely works out as I’ve got other stuff to do as well and always forget about the good old muscle girls. I was thinking about turning this place into a female-muscle-oriented tube, but I thought that if I do so, then all the posts I did in the past will be lost so…better keep it as it is now.

mature muscle flexing

Muscle Girl Porn Show

It’s a new month so I thought It’s time to do an update here @ musclegirls.org ! This time the girl in the video is young. Since the previous few videos were milf oriented, let’s do the opposite now. Remember this clip? Expect more to come. Anyway, the chick (once again I forgot her name) is just perfect – tight body, great abs (or should I say – mid-section), and full, veiny biceps. All this makes her a dream girl for people who like them less buff. Of course, she is not a female bodybuilder, but it’s not always about the mass If you want to know my opinion, sometimes the ripped ones are hotter. She is daily on Chaturbate, btw.

What more should I say…oh there’s big news for all the webcam game enthusiasts out there. We’ve created a muscle girl webcam site which is similar to BuffyCams but this one features Chaturbate too. It’s best to visit both sites as they tend to have different models online.

Chaturbate muscle girl