Spencer Bradley for FTVmilfs

It’s raining milfs this October, I’m telling you! Not more than a week ago I’ve presented you all this hottie, now it’s time for another fit cougar. This time it’s Spencer Bradley – a quite popular pornstar, but also quite a muscular milf! In this video I’ve taken from the FTVmilfs.com website she is undressing and then working out naked at some local gym in Florida. I’ll be honest with you – she’s far from FBB or fitness models you see on Instagram, but hey you won’t see the stuff she is doing @ Instagram ( not yet, at least ) She is, however, more muscular than most women her age, and it’s no secret that she actually works out regularly in real life.

It’s not a long video…roughly 2 and half minutes, but still nice.

ftvmilfs spencer

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