Fit and veiny muscle girl

If you are a fan of bloated, massive women who are also undoubtedly strong you can skip this video. That’s because Isabelle_Amelie ( that’s her CB name ) is not one of them. In fact she is quite the opposite. Just by looking at her ripped physique you can tell she is probably a hardgainer. While it may not be the most desired type of body it certainly’s got it’s benefits. For example when a hardgainer girl is also dedicated to her workout regime the results can get very interesting, because the muscle mass is going to be of high quality. The fat percentage is usually also low in such cases. Take a look at her:

She is pretty damn buff and good looking, isn’t she? Some may ask – “is she still a woman?” Or “for me she looks like a dude” Well, if you are the type of person who asks these question I suggest you check out Muscle Men Cam to see the difference between a muscular male and female. Anyway, it’s a pleasure for the eyes and a bliss for the soul watching her flex these perfect biceps.

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