Muscle Milf Flexing

I bet for many of you loyal visitors of this blog, this sudden update must be quite a suprise. Im almost sure most of the people visiting Musclegirls lost faith in any further updates. I totally understand it, no updates for how long, two years ? Anyway, here we are. I thought it would be a waste if I just leave this blog to rot, so I am going to post a video or a set of pics every now and then. I was still in the female muscle game all this time, though. Mostly busy working on BuffyCams.

Take a look at this muscular milf – she is drop dead gorgeous, reminds me a bit of (much more massive version) streamate karolynn

Brazilian FBB flexing her biceps

Alright, I forgot the name of this stunning, exotic FBB that comes from Brazil. But this video comes from this website so if you want to spend few bucks and join, youll find more of her. Anyway this girl is ripped, totally no fat on her muscular body. I have to admit I love it.Even more FBB’s here