Tomboy muscle cam

Hi everyone, how are you doing ? It’s almost full on Autumn here in Europe and I am already thinking about leaving this place and flying somewhere warm and sunny….thinking Brasil! It’s no coincidence I say Brasil, because that’s the home country of this sexy boyish girl I would like you all to see today. Her name is Zoe and she is tomboy type. She is clearly enjoying the webcam game as I’ve seen her on and off for many years already. Her body is really hard, but she’s not a big fan of flexing, it took me some time to find a video where she do it. Look here:

Im suspecting her to be lesbian, the more dominant half to be more precise. She is also a smoker, you can see it in this video, and she’s smoking in most of her sessions. For me it’s an additional turn on , I love when women smoke. It’s however, quite rare in the fbb/muscle girls world as these women tend to me more health cautious.

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