Tanya Merryman and Fawnia Mondey videos

Below are two great videos I found on the net…so you don’t have to ! One features the perfect, hardbody brunette named Tanya Merryman and the second one is semi nude – with Fawnia Mondey showing off her nice boobs on the beach.

Here’s the one with Fawnia:

More with Fawnia here

And here’s the NN with Tanya:

Nikki Jackson – nude muscle masturbation

Nikki Jackson is a beautiful muscular model/pornstar from United States. No time to write her biography, but you know what? I’ve uploaded a nice video of this buff girl stripping out of her panty and fingering her shaved pussy/masturbating. Tell me what do you think in the comments below! And as always, stay tuned for more updates, hopefully they’ll be bigger.

Mature muscle girl – Jillian Foxxx nude video

The star of today’s update is a mature girl/pornstar named Jillian Foxxx. You’re going to watch an exclusive teaser video from Muscle Network ( one price gets you access to entire network) and a photo gallery from Anilos. I think Jillian is a very attractive woman and she’s in way better shape than most younger models. Thumbs up for her ! Full video @ Muscle Network

And here are the photos

Check out her profile here

Megan Avalon nude video

I’ve featured the lovely Megan Avalon couple of time before. Simply because she’s gorgeous! Do a search on this site for her name and you’ll find plenty of good stuff. Although in this video I’ve prepared she’s not showing off her sweet shaved pussy, in the full version of this clip, she does. But the BEST PART is that you can chat with Megan Avalon her for free ! She’s online almost every day.

Muscular redhead posing nude

Don’t ask me who’s that buff redhead, I don’t know it 🙁 I thought she’s very hot and that this site needs her. So I launched a video editor, cropped the shit out of it and you can see the results. I had to do this because (like i’ve said here before) I’m not allowed to post longer vids from this particular site

I really like redheads and I really like muscular girls, therefore I simply had to share this clip with you…

Melyssa Buhl videos + more

Alright, so a quick update this time. The star of it is a hot hardbody named Melyssa Buhl. Im too busy to do research and write something more about her, sorry, but I can tell you that she’s Canadian 🙂 These are sample videos from this website. I cannot post full for obvious reasons, but they are kinda cheap, as far as I remember. When Melyssa’s vids are over, there are also couple of shorties with : Larissa Reis, Anna Cervantes and Alexis Ellis, the ebony chick.

Click here to watch longer version

Also check out this buffed teen flexing her muscles.