Granny muscle

Alright, so it’s been few years since we started this site. During this time we tried to provide a variety of content related to female muscle. However, I don’t recall doing a grandma update so…here it is! This horny granny’s been in the webcam game for quite a long time now. To be honest I’m not a big fan of such mature women but I gotta agree she’s in top shape considering her age. Enjoy the show, I know the quality is not the best.

Muscular Ana Foxxx

If you’re following the mainstream porn these days, you are probably aware of the stunning ebony performer named – Ana Foxxx ( sometimes she uses only two x’s ) To be honest I’m not really sure if this girl is lifting or not, because we all know black people are more prone to be buff. Anyway I totally love her physique and tight , toned body!

This video embeded to this post is a fairly new release from FTVMilfs and this one is just a teaser. Trust me there’s a lot more content with her there. Also this site features mostly older pornstars, and they tend to take care of themselves, many of them are fit too. Check out FTVMilfs

Female Muscle Worship Video

For those of you who enjoy being dominated by muscular women I present this awesome teaser video. It starts with two guys sniffing some personal belongings of some girl. Then the girl appears and she’s HUGE ! Shortly after these two regret ( or not ?) what they did. If you’d like to experience such stuff live check out female muscle worship , there’s plenty of muscular girls who love to be worshipped.

Full video link here ( you’ll have to pay )

New nude muscle girls

It’s been a while since the last update. It was because this site was hacked. It’s clean now so everything should be OK ! To celebrate this, I’ve uploaded a decent gallery of semi to fully nude buff models! Amazing stuff if you ask me. So enjoy the pics, pop-up free , hosted on my server. 🙂