Angela Salvagno for Aziani Iron

It’s time to post something with the hottest female bodybuilder of the present …which undoubtely is Angela Salvagno. She’s got the muscles and she’s got really big boobs. This is just a teaser video but at the end she pulls out her huge juggs so you can hit pause, make a screenshot and use it as a wallpaper on your computer 😉

A Tribute to Angela Salvagno

Here’s another post from the “a tribute to” series, which basically mean there’s gonna be a lot of goodies dedicated to one muscle babe. Angela Salvagno, in this case. She was featured here couple of times before, but I can honestly say I just cant get enough of her. She’s one of the best looking hardcore female bodybuilders and she’s kinky as fuck. I believe she deserves all the attention.
Let’s start with a short video with Angela flexing her chest muscles.


Now a topless gallery with her, the photos come from this website.

And for the dessert, here is a SheMuscle photoshopped photo of her created by the famous Area Orion. That’s all for now !

Oh , and here’s a nice interview with her:

Angela Salvagno in American Indian Outfit

Angela Salvagno is one of a kind. See her stripping out of native american outfit, by “stripping” I mean she’s actually getting naked which means you’ll see her shaved pussy too! She’s a hot muscle babe who loves posing nude and doing other kinky stuff. I’ve seen her in action, she’s KINKY. Believe me. I wonder how much she bench presses at the gym…anyone knows that? Go here to watch her videos