Tribute to muscle pornstar Brandi Mae !

The star of today’s “a tribute to…” is Brandi Mae, the owner of the best ass in the female bodybuilding biz….thick and juicy. Few words about her: she trains 6-7 days/week on season and 5 days/week off season. Besides being a pro bodubuilder she’s a personal trainer, trains Muay Thai, and does live webcam shows She also loves YOGA, Thai Chi, eating, watching TV…she also wants to be a professional Kick boxer. She’s also a pornstar. These images were sponsored by: SheMuscleGym

Now enjoy the heavily edited video.
She enters the house with her big boobs pulled out and walks upstairs to get naked and masturbate. If you’re interested in watching full, unedited version, visit this website.

A Tribute to FBB Marina Lopez

The perfect FBB Marina Lopez was featured at our website only once before, which is…not enough. So this time I’ve prepared a nice teaser video with her ripping off her white tshirt and oiling up her strong, buffed legs. I think her body is close to perfection, espcially if you like huge boobs…All the content in this update comes from this website

First watch her interview video, to learn something more about her:

Now it’s time for something more NSFW:

This is just a teaser, click here to watch the full lenght version
Now check out these pics from Aziani Iron:

…that’s all for today, check this site often for more updates!

A Tribute to Hot Italian aka Elisa Sedlacko

Today’s update is entirely dedicated to the beautiful, buffed brunette – Hot Italian also known as Elisa Sedlacko. Despite her Czech/Hungarian sounding name she comes from the US and certainly not from Italy. Her measurements are: 36D-26-38 , her eyes are brown. Besides bodybuilding she’s also into armwrestling. Now check out teaser video, if you like it – this way for the full version. (sorry I’m not allowed to post full lenght videos)

Now check out the gallery of pictures. They are mixed up, shot in various locations. I like the one where she’s wearing an elegant blue dress.

And one more video:

…and another one 🙂
Source of these two

Female bodybuilders licking Pussies !

Look what I’ve got for you this time: two nude hot female bodybuilders put together in one hotel room. And they’re not there to sleep. No. They’re gonna eat each others pussy and wrestle! I’ve got the names of these two on the tip of my tongue…gonna write them down here when I remember. Anyway this is a pretty cool clip, resized, cut in like 1/5, but still a good one. This is the source of the video, you can download the full version there.

If you still want more, here are a few mixed up, nude muscular babes. Tons more inside